Friday, November 2, 2007

Fiction Matters

Scariest words I've ever said:
"I do."
"I do." (two weddings - long sad story. Bring tissues, and I'll tell you about it sometime)
"I'm going to be a writer."

What can I tell ya, I just woke up one day and had this insane desire to write books. So I did.
Well, I do.
I am.
I'm working on it.

So, what do you care? What has this to do with you?
If we do this right; plenty.

Fiction Matters is a blog about what is important to our culture, our lifestyles, and our self understanding as understoond through fiction.

Sounds deep.

So, riddle me this:
What book changed your mind about mental illness?
What book informed your thinking about religion?
What book helped you shape your self image when you were in high school?
What book made you feel like a hero?

Tell me what Fiction Matters to you.


Holly said...

Congrats! Great blog page (know what you mean about the shirt and belt thing..).
Seriously, congrats on your publications. You are amazing, not sure how you balance mommyhood, wifehood and career, but apparently you did all three. Cool!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I look forward to seeing more of what you write. I think you're really smart! Do you mean fiction matters in the sense that this is a blog about the general items of interest in fiction or fiction matters in the sense that it is important to us as a society/people/individual? Either way, or both ways I think it works. All the best,