Monday, June 23, 2008

Guest Bloggers - On Yer Marks!

Guest bloggers (in no particular order) you will be reading over the next few weeks:

Andy Meisenheimer, Editor extraordinaire from Zondervan- opening scenes

Donna Dawson author of Vengeance - sandbagging your scenes

Sharlene MacLaren Author of Through Every Storm-Loving Liza Jane-Sarah, My Beloved-Courting Emma (IN STORES)Long Journey Home (September '08)The Daughters of Jacob Kane Series - (2009) - Writing the first draft

Arthur Plotnik, author, guru, and my hero - if the flight goes well and he has his head on straight once returning to Chicago - writing on anything he pleases :)

Linda Evans Shepherd, co-author of the fabulous book series The Potluck Club - TBA

Joanna Mallory - author, Titling your work

Geralyn Beauchamp, Author of the Time Master Book Series - TBA

Krysia P, Lear, Editor, Certified Proofreader The Editorial Suite - Passive voice is so passe

Marcia Lee Laycock, author of One Smooth Stone - Finding your voice

Kimberly Pane, author of Where Fitness and Family Meet FaithBooks to light your path to harmonized living - Naming your characters

N. J. Lindquist, author, editor, publisher, co-founder of The Word Guild - TBA

Janet Kobobel-Grant, owner of Books & Such Literary Agency- Titling your work

Carolyn Wilker, author, editor - TBA

Jennifer Devlin, author of Verses We Know by Heart: Discovering the Details of Familiar Old Testament Passages - TBA

Are you excited?

Guest blogging will begin on Wednesday, June 25 with Marcia Lee Laycock's two part article on Finding Your Voice.

In case you're wondering, yes, I'll be adding my own ideas on the blog as well, but let's face it, this line up is way more exciting than just me!

Rev yer engines, faithful blog readers. It's going to be amazing.

One comment about comments: YES you can leave comments for the guest bloggers. I'll be sure they get the comments. Some may opt to sign in and answer your comments themselves. Others may opt for me collecting comments and sending them to them via e-mail and then I'll post their responses.

Until Wednesday; I bid you good writing


Eileen Astels Watson said...

Looks like a great line-up!

Thanks for organizing all this!

Bonnie Grove said...

It is great. And add Jane Kirkpatrick to your list of 'must read guest bloggers'!

I'm having a wonderful time organizing this. Some of the articles are in, and they are fantastic! I've been taking notes as I work with them for posting.