Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I Didn't Fall Down

I just went out of town.

And, again, I failed to mention it on the blog before I blew town. Sheesh. Am I a rude blogger, or what?
(ahem...what are my choices under the "or what" category?)

But I'm back, I'm home and blogging again!

One thing I plan to do this week is re-read Janet Kobobel-Grant's post on titling. I need inspiration! I received an e-mail from one of my editors letting me know that titling on my debut novel is going none too smooth. For one reason, the novel is very different from many out there (think less-than-easy-to-categorize different).

I'm also looking forward to getting back into writing the sequel novel - I'm a good 20, 000 words in. Some of them are even in the right place. I'm having a blast writing this one. Has anyone ever told you that writing for a living is fun? It is. Oh, I know, I know. Everyone is so down on it, talking about how difficult it all is - and they are right. It's no breezy walk in the park. It's more of a breathtaking hike on a tightrope. But when it works - ahhhhhhhhh - life's worth the living.

So, look for more great guest bloggers coming up on the blog! I'll also write a blog soon about my adventures in publishing (and being published!) and dish the news on my debut novel.

How's your summer going?

I bid you good writing.

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