Thursday, September 25, 2008

Looking to the days ahead

Goodness, we've had a great time here on Fiction Matters. For months now, I've played host to so many AMAZING guest bloggers. I can't tell you how much I've learned from each one of them. And I've been able to connect and get to know some fantastic people in the writing and publishing industry.

And now it's time to say. . . . .


Yes, Fiction Matters has a great and shining future mapped out for future issues. Did ya think I was saying goodbye? No way! Look, I even got a shiny new picture. See? ----------------->
Oooooo. Ahhhhhh.

I'll be working on organizing the archives into categories so that you, faithful reader, will be able to access the info you want quickly and easily.
There will be updated info on my novel Talking to the Dead (cool things afoot on that front, and I can't wait to be able to share all the news with you!).
And, of course, we will have a great line up of experts discussing the things we love about the fiction that matters.

In a few weeks I'll host another major agent (we had Janet Kobobel Grant on the blog discussing Razzle Dazzle Titles!) who will be answering questions about writing your SECOND book. Do you have a question about writing a second novel? Leave a comment and I will consider your comment for inclusion. If I use your question, I'll name you, and share you web links (unless you would rather remain anonymous :0) ) as a thanks for asking the question so many people are wondering about. Who is the agent? Aw shucks, you'll have to tune in to find out.

I'll also have a couple of announcements coming up on the blog - all good stuff. The only hard part is waiting for permission to share all the news with you!

And remember, I'm always on the look out for amazing guest bloggers. If you have someone in mind that you know would be perfect for the blog, let me know about him/her! Or have them drop me an e-mail (you DO have my e-mail don't ya? Now you do!) and tell me about your favorite author. Or, better yet, tell them about Fiction Matters and have them drop me a line.

And if you are on Facebook, be sure to look me up and add me!

I'm also Twittering. Goodness it's a hoot! For sure follow me, and let me know you read the blog! I'll follow you and together we'll go in circles! Just look for BonnieGrove.

You will also notice the blog has a "follow this blog" button. Click on it to follow the blog. And be SURE to leave a comment so I can find you and follow your blog. I can't tell you how much I enjoy connecting with people who love fiction. Best group of people EVER.

You can also subscribe to the blog - that way you won't miss a single article on writing, fiction, publishing, and discussions on fiction that matters.

Thanks for reading, for building this into the wonderful blog it is, and for all your support! I look forward to connecting with you more in the coming weeks and months!

As always, I bid you good writing.

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lynnrush said...

HI Bonnie. I have a question for SECOND books. I've written a my question is:

How much backstory (reminding of how the first story ended, etc) should be in the first few chapters of the second book?

In case I'm not clear, which sometimes happens, I'm basically wondering how detailed I have to get in the first few chapters of my second book on the review of the first book? You know, to remind the readers of how the first book ended, or key bits of info they need to remember to have this second book flow smoothly.

I really like dialogue in a book instead of description/ I'm wondering if I can do a lot of "reminding" in the dialogue between the two main characters to sum up the previous book.

Thanks for your blog, I visit daily and it's very helpful, encouraging, and inspiring.