Sunday, October 19, 2008

A Fiction Matters Interview: Jo Linsdell from Writers and Authors Blog

You know Fiction Matters the blog for great ideas, inspiration, inside info from writing experts, and a place for resources. I'm thrilled and humbled to be able to play host to the authors, agents, and editors who agree to share their insights with us.
Today, I want to share a resource with you: Writers and Authors ( What? A writer's blog recommending another writer's blog? You bet! Why? Because any resource that helps create better and better fiction is an asset to us all - readers and writers alike!
It's all good, baby! Let's meet Jo, and find out about her blog - and why it could matter to you.

Fiction Matters: Jo, your site, says it’s a place for people in the writing industry to gather and share experiences, tips and advice. How did you discover there was a need for a blog like this? How did you know you were the right person to meet the need?

Jo Linsdell: I’m always looking for more information about the writing industry and networking to get tips and advice from others with more experience. There are thousands of sites for writers out there but most contain information that is out of date or are impersonal.
A blog is different as it’s updated on a daily basis. It also gives the chance to leave comments on each post allowing for direct feedback.

My aim with Writers and Authors is to provide a combination of the two (the information and features of the traditional writing sites mixed with a more personal look into the industry with interviews with authors, publishers, editors etc…)

Why am I the right person? Simple, I’m my own target audience. As a writer myself I know what information I look for and the sort of site that would be helpful to my own writing career.

FM: What kind of content is on the blog? Interviews? Contests? What else?

JL: On the left hand side there is a writing tip of the day, links to useful sites for writers, links to writing competitions, an online reference centre (dictionary, idioms etc…) , a writing prompt and information about me and my writing.

In the blog posts you can find information about opportunities for writers (e.g. contests, self publishing companies, content sites looking for writers, paying markets etc…), featured author interviews, interviews with experts from the industry including publishers, editors and marketing professionals. Book reviews and details of upcoming events (e.g. International book fairs, online writing conferences, courses for writers, tours etc…).

FM: What are your goals for the blog over the next year?

JL: I’d love for Writers and Authors to become one of the main reference points for people in the writing industry. Obviously it would be nice to win an award or two too.

FM: Who has been dropping by the site lately? Tell us about some of the exciting people and topics on your blog.

JL: There have been some interesting interviews with authors Yvonne Perry and Linda Helms and some great interviews with Editor Laura Brestovansky and Publisher Vivian Zabel of 4RV Publishing. All full of useful tips and advice for writers that could help them in their careers.
Coming soon is Denise Cassino who’ll be dropping by to share her marketing experience and expert reviewer Cheryl Malandrinos from the Book Connection who’ll be giving some advice on reviewing techniques and how to get started as a reviewer. There will also be Dave and Lillian Brummet to provide information about their radio shows and how writers can get involved. Not to mention author interviews with Annette Snyder, Katrina Wampler and Michelle Buckman.

FM: How can writers, authors, editors, and publishers get involved in the blog?

JL: For those of you interested in being interviewed for the 'Featured Author' section please send me an email ( giving some details about yourself and your writing. Please also include your website address.Publishers, editors, marketing experts, cover art designers, etc... can also be interviewed. Please contact writersandauthors@yahoo.comAnyone can send in a book review of any type of book (e.g. self help for writers or a fiction or poetry book). In fact I'll be all the happier to have a good mix. If your new to writing reviews and want some pointers check out for some tips. Please send your review in the body of the email to with 'Book Review' in the subject line.

Everyone is also welcome to send in details of events they are attending or organising.

FM: Anything else you’d like Fiction Matters readers to know about Writers and Authors?

JL: I’m planning a ‘Christmas Wish List’ feature for December where I will be posting short samples from books along with their buying details. The idea is to give inspiration for presents for Christmas. I’m looking for a good mix of genres so there will be something for everyone’s tastes. As the site is open to the general public and therefore all age groups I will not be posting any adult, erotica etc…
Anyone interested in participating should contact with ‘Christmas Wish List’ in the subject line.
You'll catch me (Bonnie) on November 18th - I'm doing an interview about my debut novel Talking to the Dead, due to hit shelves this summer. Which reminds me, I'd better get back to writing!

I bid you good writing.


Chris said...

Interesting points! I think it's great for writers to connect. Blogging is a such a great way to share ideas and encouragement.

lynnrush said...

Oh! Thanks for this resource. What a great site!