Thursday, October 23, 2008

I'm For Sale Online!

Forgive my newbie enthusiasm - it's just that this is my first book (a non-fiction), and I'm all happy in the face to see I'm available for pre-order! Well, not ME - you can't click a few buttons and I show up at your house a few days later,but, well, you understand.

I know, I know - what is she talking about? This is a blog all about FICTION. Bonnie writes FICTION (I do, I really, really do!)

But I also write non-fiction - I write about your strengths (the things you're good at, that you love doing, that bring you joy) and how you can use them to change your life, connect with God, and be happy. You can learn all about the book (and read some deeply cool endorsements) on my website: Click on "non-fiction"


If you're in the mood go to:
(Wow, that’s long), and you can ooooo and ahhhh with me.

Okay, okay - where's the book cover??

Um... my dog ate it.

It's coming! The fab folks at Beacon Hill Press are working their fingers to the bone bring us fine books and book covers! The moment it is available for your lovely peepers to peep it, I'll let ya know!

Okay, now I must dash! I'm off to the mountains with my hubby for a few days.

I bid you good writing.


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Accidental Poet said...

WOW they call you an AUTHOR right there, in print.

Go you :)

lynnrush said...


Serendipity said...

I'm so proud of you. You must be very pleased. I'm sure God is dancing for joy for you.

Bonnie Grove said...

Thank you all! (Even the person who wrote in a different language I can't read and probably talked about something unrelated to my blog - :-D )

I'm also available for pre-order on and!