Friday, October 3, 2008

Things that Go BUMP, right into next week.

Oh you guys.......

I'm having a wonderful day! And I can't WAIT to be able to share all the reasons why with you in the days and weeks to come.

First of all, let me share the news about what's coming up next week. Remember I mentioned Fiction Matters will be playing host to a well known agent? It's coming up on Monday.

Chip MacGregor ( uber agent and all around nice guy will be here on the blog! I asked you to send me your questions and I would ask Chip (you didn't know it was Chip at the time) to respond. Well, ask you did! By the time I had compiled them all, there were 21 original questions. I sent them all off to him and asked him to choose the ones he cared to answer. This is a busy feller, don'tcha know.

Amazingly, Chip took the time to respond to all 21 questions. Gazonk! All 21. Let's have a round of applause please!

I'll post the first part of a two part "series" that features your questions and Chip's responses on Monday. The second blog will appear on Wednesday. You will not want to miss this! It is literally a treasure trove of information, ideas, inspiration, and the occasional warning.

A great way to ensure you don't miss out is to either subscribe to Fiction Matters (it will show up in your inbox) or click on the "Follow this Blog" button to the right of the post. This will keep you in the loop and on the spot with all the Fiction Matters.

Another reason why I'm having a great day is because the wonderful design manager at David C. Cook (who is publishing my debut novel) e-mailed me today with design ideas for my book cover. People, it is a thing of beauty. This talented woman sat down and created a book cover that tells the story of the book in such simple beauty it just stopped me cold.

I can't WAIT to be able to share the book cover with you. It's too soon, the design has some hoops to jump through, and they will want to do some tweaking here and there, but I am so so so so so excited to share it with you - and you will be the first to see it the very moment I get the go ahead to make it public!

Two great reasons to subscribe to Fiction Matters!

I'll see you on Monday. Have a great weekend everyone!

I bid you good writing.

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