Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Goodbye 2008 - A Look Back, and Ahead

2008 brought radical change in the publishing industry. Brick and mortar stores closed, distributors went bankrupt, publishing houses laid off staff and some even put a freeze on new books. I've heard from several authors in the past months who heard from their publisher, "Sorry, your book has been cancelled." All of this on top of the questions surrounding the nature of the book business and how consumers will be buying books in the future - online, e-books, audio books, etc.

Add to that the economic situation - globally - and many people are feeling downright gloomy.

Which is why I'm launching a new interview series beginning January 5 - The Tenacity Interviews. Twice a week (Monday and Thursday) I'll host a different author here on Fiction Matters to talk about how their tenacity in the face of difficult circumstances, distraction, and even rejection helped them accomplish their dream of becoming a published author. I promise you, you'll be encouraged and inspired to press on toward your dream, whatever it may be.

This series will feature authors like DiAnn Mills, Mary DeMuth, Sharon K. Souza, Virgina Smith, and Debbie Fuller Thomas - and many, many more. All have found their way to the dream of being a published fiction author and they are thrilled to share with you words of hope and encouragement, as well as practical advice for the journey.

On another note, 2008 has been quiet a year for me, as a writer. I entered the year with a contract from Beacon Hill Press for my non-fiction book, Your Best You: Discovering and Developing the Strengths God Gave You. I'm thrilled to tell you that this book is available for pre-order anywhere you buy books online - and will be in bookstores March 1, 2009.

Obviously, I don't talk about this book on here, as the focus of this blog is fiction - but I hope you will forgive me just this once for jumping the fence to gaze fondly at fiction's second cousin, just for a moment. Here is a bit about the book:

Have you ever tried to change something about yourself but had a hard time making it stick? If so, Bonnie Grove knows how you feel. The problem, she explains, is that when it comes to self-improvement, most of us start by asking ourselves the wrong questions. Instead of, What are my weaknesses? How can I fix them? we should be asking, What are my strengths? How can I build on them?

This book is not a one-size-fits-all approach to lifestyle change. It doesn’t offer a
ten-step formula or a one-minute prayer that guarantees success in 30 days. This
book is about you. It’s about discovering and developing what you do well, what you
love, and what brings you joy so you can see yourself the way God sees you
and begin to truly receive His best for your life.

Unlike some self-improvement books, you won’t be asked to:

  • spend time digging around in the past
  • put your problems under a microscope
  • try and fix everything that’s “broken” in your life
  • improve on things you’re not very good at

Instead, the author gives you tools and resources to help you:

  • discover what you’re good at—not what you think you
    should be good at
  • develop your strengths and use them to offset your
  • learn to recognize your true goals
  • create a personalized map to follow as you begin your
    journey to becoming your best you

If you are interested in pre-ordering you can do so anywhere you like to buy books online - oddly, the cover on the site may be different than the one I have posted here. Originally, Beacon Hill went with a different cover, but after some discussion and thought, made changes I believe are for the better. So don't be thrown if you find the book with a completely different cover - just look for my name and you'll get the correct book (and cover!)
I'll be launching a new blog for the book in just a few days (yep, DAYS). I'll post all the info about the new blog - including where to find it, as soon as possible.

2008 was also the year I was blessed and privileged to break into the world of fiction. In the spring I signed with literary agent Wendy Lawton who made my head spin by how quickly she was able to sell my debut novel Talking to the Dead - coming June 1, 2009 from David C. Cook. You can take a look Cook's summer 2009 online catalogue here.

Pretty exciting stuff. So, what has been my favorite part of 2008? Honestly, the answer to that is: you.
Since I launched this blog it has been my absolute pleasure to get to know you, chat with you about writing and dreams, and finding our way. I've learned so much from you. More, I've enjoyed your company, enjoyed getting to know you, enjoyed hearing your ideas and perspectives. They say writing is a solitary pursuit, and it is, but because of you, I've never felt alone. I've felt encouraged, befriended, and cared about. Thank you for being the best part of 2008 - I'm looking forward to spending time with you in 2009.

I bid you good writing.


Patricia W. said...

2008 sounds as if you brought you many blessings. Here's to even more in 2009!

And I'll be picking up a copy of Your Best You. Much needed...

Kathleen Popa said...

Can't wait to read the book. And I love the cover.

Bonnie Grove said...

Hey Particia, Thanks for stopping in! Happy New Year to you, too! All the best to you in 2009. I look forward to hearing your thoughts about Your Best You!

Katy, thanks so much! I'm excited about how this book can help transform lives by God's grace. Happy New Year!

Kathie Chiu said...

Hey Bonnie! That sounds like a great book to read. And do you know???It's right up there with the trend in businesses and organizations using the Appreciative Inquiry method of evaluation. I'm looking forward to pre-ordering one for myself and two daughters!

Happy New Year!

PS. Your blog and those of some of the other guild members have given me the courage to launch my new blogazine!

lynnrush said...

What a year, indeed. Blessings to you and your writing, Bonnie.

Bonnie Grove said...

Kathie: Thanks so much! I hope you enjoy the journey! I very much like Appreciative Inquiry - It's a helpful tool for assessing what's working in an organization. My book can be used as a tool to take the Inquiry further as it gives actual steps for what to do next, AFTER you've got your answers from Appreciative Inquiry. One of the big reasons I developed the book is because I couldn't find a book that taught me what to do AFTER assessment.
And congrats on the new blog!

Lynn: Thank you! Many blessings to you and yours for 2009 - you've been such a blessing to me in the past year.

Avily Jerome said...

Congrats on all your writing!

That looks like a great book- too often I look at the negative not the positive.

Thanks for sharing- even if it's non-fic! :)