Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Two more cool stuff things

I mentioned Christian Fiction Online in my last post. You can read my article here.

'Nother cool stuff thing: David C. Cook has created its first time ever online catalogue! It is some kind of gorgeous! And I'm on page 19! Have a gander at the catalogue!

My husband presented me with an early Christmas present - The Penquin Book of Canadian Short Stories, selected and introduced by Jan Urquhart. My evenings are now booked! Taken up by the likes of Alice Munro, Michael Ondaatje, Carol Shields, and Gabrielle Roy. This thick anthology is a treasure to savor!

Next post will contain my Christmas list for book loving buyers - Bonnie's top picks for books this Christmas season. But, to get us started off, I'm wondering - which three books are tops on your gift giving list this year? I would LOVE to hear what you've been reading!

I bid you good writing.

+ One! Pop on over to The Koala Bear Writer for a shorty interview with yours truly!


The Koala Bear Writer said...

That's tough... best books I've read that I'd give to others? Kathryn Mackel's Christian fantasy series Birthrighters. Kim Edwards' novel The Memory Keeper's Daughter. And a Graham Greene novel for my Catholic friends. :)

lynnrush said...

Well, I'd have to say:

Demon, a Memoir by Tosca Lee
It's Not About Me, by Michelle Sutton
And, the classic (for me anyway)--Piercing the Darkness, by Frank Peretti
Oh wait, and Camy Tang's Sushi Series....

There are so many great books out there, it's hard to find just three

The Koala Bear Writer said...

Hi Bonnie - your interview is now up on my blog! Thanks again for answering the questions. :)

Krishna Chaitanya P.N.V said...

I have seen about your book in David C. Cook. Great its a "Good read guaranteed".

Bonnie Grove said...

I know! This is TOUGH. My favorite book is always the one I'm reading at the time. But there are some that stick with me, linger and even haunt.

Lynn, I've heard great things about Demon, A Memoir - my agent raved! It's on my list of "must reads". Camy is so much fun to read!!

Koala, I'll have to head over and see if anyone came to visit me over there! Thanks so much for a fun interview.

Krishna, Yes, I was thrilled to see my book was included in their "Good read guaranteed" program. What an honour! Thanks so much!