Saturday, December 13, 2008

Where Oh Where, Oh Where Is. . .


Knee deep in sheep!

No, not sheep.

Words. Many many words. All mine. I tell - I've yakked on for 100 000 words and now my editor wants me to look at each one of them very, very closely.

Yep, I'm in line edits for Talking to the Dead. It's fun - in the same way waxing your legs before a hot date is fun.

Pain before pleasure, eh?

All this to ensure the book is amazing for your reading pleasure. I'm sure to blog about this experience. It's my first time, and I'm learning, learning. I love the partnership that comes with the editing process. And it's not over yet!

Deadline is Dec 18th and there's no way we'll miss it!

Gotta scoot! I'll fill you in soonest.

I bid you good writing.


Janet said...

I'm doing much the same thing, although no editor has seen the book yet. So far I've shaved over 2000 words, and I haven't even finished going through the forms of the verb "to be"!

lynnrush said...

Press on, sister. You're right pain before pleasure.

Jo-Anne Vandermeulen said...

Hi Bonnie >Jo waves with heavy gloves from Yorkton, Saskatchewan<
You're on the road to fame and glory (that's what I call Kinda tough work, but sounds like you are enjoying the journey and isn't this what writing is all about? The process versus the product. Your cover looks great, by the way.
Wondering if you'd care to share who your agent is...I know you told me. I have been querying agents and received many favorable responses for partials and fulls. Just have to choose who. So nice to have options. Take care and good luck with the line edits (just finished mine from another, talk about a lot of work, but the end result is so worth it.) Jo-Anne Vandermeulen

Bonnie Grove said...

Hey Janet, Isn't it amazing how many words you can do without in a novel? Way to go on your achievement! Keep going!

Lynn, Thanks so much! Yes...bit of pain, but then the happiness!

Jo-Anne, I hope you hear good news from which ever agent you end up choosing! Very exciting to be able to choose - let me know how it pans out.