Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Talking to the Dead - and other great reads from Canadian authors

Hey, great news! (Well, *I* think it's happy dance news) Talking to the Dead is now available for pre-order!
If you find it somewhere else online please let me know, and I'll add it to the list (Barnes&Noble are being slowpokes :) but they do have my non-fiction ready for pre-order. )

Did you know you can read chapter one of Talking to the Dead online? You sure can! See those pretty tabs above? Just click "Writing" and then "fiction". On that page you can read the blurb about Talking to the Dead as well as chapter one (pdf). Oh, I'll make it even easier - just click here

So, where can you find a list of more Canadian authors? I'm SO glad you asked! The Word Guild (a Canadian organization of editors and writers who are Christian) has put together a fantastic resource for readers looking for new, exciting books. The Word Guild Authors’ Books in Print is a work in progress, and new books and authors are being added as they crop up. An absolutely wonderful way to find new writers who will interest, challenge, and thrill you.

You can learn more about The Word Guild at their web site. I'm a professional member, and I highly recommend joining if you are a Canadian who is Christian and you are writing, or have aspirations to write. The Word Guild also holds an amazing writers conference, called Write!Canada each June in Guelph, Ontario. At the moment, they are working on all the details for the this year's conference (it's the 25th anniversary - so it will be amazing!). The website has all the details of what when on last year at the conference - it will give you an idea of the high caliber of the conference, and the number of agents, editors, publicists and other amazing professionals attending. And it's affordable!

I'll be there this June, hanging out, learning new things, teaching a couple of workshops, and taking 15 minute appointments. Yep, come and we can chat - I'd love to see what you're working on, and talk with you about your hopes and dreams, and share the things I've learned on the journey toward publication.

I bid you good writing.

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