Monday, February 9, 2009

A blog you need to read

I'm blessed to have Wendy Lawton as my literary agent. She's a standout in the industry (Agent of the Year, 2007) - and is connected with one of the most respected agencies in the CBA (Books & Such Literary Agency).

For a long time the advice and counsel offered by the agents of Books & Such was a 'behind closed doors' affair. But all that has changed with the introduction of their new blog Between the Lines

Its more than a blog - it's a diamond mine for everyone who is connected to publishing. Take for example Wendy's blog about advances. Rich information that makes sense out of a topic every writer wants to know about - and hopes to understand.

If you are a writer, or interested in writing, I strongly recommend you subcribe to this blog - which will ensure you don't miss a post. It is simply the best informational blog about books you'll find online.

I bid you good writing.


Janet said...

I'm assuming, since they don't specify otherwise, that they will take a look at fantasy. Do you know if that's true? (Working on my query letter and synopsis now.)

Steve G said...

I really enjoy the ifo Wendy is sharing. There is a wealth of stuff on that new blog!