Friday, February 20, 2009

The Weekend Edition - Talking to the Dead News

So I wrote this book. . .

But you know that, already. While we're all tapping our toes to the countdown to June 1, when Talking to the Dead releases, I wanted to share with you some exciting news.

It's actually a bit difficult to talk about - not because it's complex, but because it's about "me". I think every author has weird feelings talking about her own work and successes. But, whooshie feelings aside, I'm very excited about this bit of news, and I just can't help but share it with you!

I have been fortunate enough to have many amazing authors read Talking to the Dead and endorse the book. When I look a the list of names who are reading and endorsing the book, I have a sense that it must be a different book, a different author they are reading. Each of them is a writer I admire - emulate, hope to be when I grow up.

Recently an e-mail showed up in my in-box. It was from my publisher. News about a certain author who had read Talking and offered her endorsement:

"It isn’t often that I get so hooked on the characters and story that I forget time and purpose. Talking to the Dead caught hold of my heart from page one. It takes a gifted and intuitive writer like Bonnie to bring humor into the middle of such a serious story. Call her the Jodi Piccoult of Christian fiction! Beautifully done! I can’t wait to read the next story she writes.” - Francine Rivers, bestselling author of Redeeming Love

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Patricia W. said...

Now that's high praise!

Congratulations Bonnie. I'd have the willies too.

Janet said...

Very cool.

Kathleen Popa said...

Francine Rivers is a very smart lady, so I'm not at all surprised she loves Talking to the Dead.

Well... she doesn't actually love speaking with dead people - I don't think. It's your novel she loves. I'm thrilled about her endorsement, but again, I'm not at all surprised.

You've written something truly special, Bonnie - heartbreaking and funny - riveting and transforming. I loved Speaking to the Dead (you know what I mean) and I can't wait for the rest of the world to discover your talent!

Bonnie Grove said...

Patricia: Thank YOU!! Let's all have the willies together! Bless you, my friend.

Janet: Thanks.

Katy: Your endorsement is among the cherished. You are one of those authors I love, I aspire to, I want to be when I grow up. I still think about The Feast of Saint Bertie - turn it's concepts over in my mind. I love it.
On top of that, I get to call you friend. What a privilege.

L. Diane Wolfe said...

That's wonderful!

Yes, it is weird to hear others talk about a book we wrote. Reading a page or two from my own book is equally odd, because it doesn't feel like I am the author. Glad to know someone else experiences this sensation, too!

L. Diane Wolfe

Steve G said...

It's like that Larry Norman song...
"when you know a wonderful story..."
well, kinda...

I think it is way cool, too. I have also watched you work on that thing for almost 2 years, with many a 12 hour day at it. And then after being 40,000 words into the sequel you turn around and redo the last third so you can wrap it up in one book. I kinda miss Angel and Willow's story, now...

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Nichole Osborn said...

Congratulations Bonnie,
That is sooo cool! I can't wait for it to come out. I'm dying to read it!