Sunday, May 3, 2009

Write! Saskatoon - A One Day Writer's Conference

This Saturday, May 9, I'm teaching at a regional writer's conference in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (try saying THAT ten times fast). If you're in the area - there is still time to register for the event! I would LOVE to see you there.

I'll be teaching two fiction workshops, and I'll be meeting one on one with writers, discussing their works in process. This is a first class event with amazing workshops and faculty. The focus on the day will be on hands on workshops - rather than the often used speaker/listener model. We wanted this to be event to be about immersing in the art and craft of writing from the start.

There will also be a fantastic book table with books about writing, as well as featuring local writer's books.

The day includes a catered lunch, door prizes, snacks, and a great deal of laughter.

Here is a run down of the workshops (each attendee will enjoy three workshops).

Workshop 1: Writing Fiction 101
Taught by Bonnie Grove.Get behind fiction editor’s closed doors and find out what the fiction market is looking for today. This intensive workshop will get your creative juices flowing – and you will be challenged to take your writing to the next level. Come ready to take furious notes, get mad, write, and be inspired.

Workshop 2: How Not to Turn Off the Editor
Taught by Kathleen Gibson. Thinking of freelancing? Former freelancer for numerous general market publications, and current editor of Saskatchewan’s Prairies North magazine will share some inside tips to give your articles and query letters a toe-up from editorial slush piles. Learn to accurately gauge a publication’s needs, strategic submission times, three faux pas that will turn editors off before they even read your query letter, and how to make them beg for more.

Workshop 3: What Makes a Poem Christian?
Taught by Susan Plett. As Christian artists, we seek to create art that makes a difference in the world. Come for a discussion about the difference sorts of truths we need to tell, and how that translates to the page.

Workshop 4: Lyrics and Music: Finding Inspiration in Everyday Life
Taught by Colleen Taylor. Capture the everyday moments into images and themes, which music can carry to a new level. This workshop will look at lyric writing using simple prompts for inspiration and will consider its relationship to music. Prompts can be photos, letters, journals and anything else with special memories attached – or simply the memories themselves. Bring any lyrical ideas and an instrument if you play one.

Workshop 5: So You Want to Write a Book...Everything You Need to Know about Book Publishing
Taught by N. J. Lindquist. You just got a great idea and you know it needs to be a book. Or perhaps other people have told you that you should write the story of your life or a how-to book on what you know. But how do you decide if your idea is really worth all the work and effort of a book? And what do you do next? This workshop will give you an insider's overview of the book publishing industry and help you figure out your next steps.

Workshop 6: One on One with a Professional Editor or Writer
Taught by Kathleen Gibson and Bonnie Grove. Bring your Work in Progress - speak to Kathleen Gibson or Bonnie Grove about your work. Get tips and and vice and answers to your questions. There will also be time for writing.

Workshop 7: Fiction 201 - Elements of Style and Voice
Taught by Bonnie Grove.Great writing is about more than good grammar – discover why Voice is the single most important aspect to develop. Find out what Voice is (and what it isn’t) and how to use it to get your work noticed.

Workshop 8: Word Weeding for Not-so-Dummies
Taught by Kathleen Gibson. Grab the chance to pick up specific editing ‘tools’ from a magazine editor and author who learned to ‘write tight’ while freelancing for the tightest publication around–Reader’s Digest (and others). Put on your thickest skin, and begin to learn what it really takes to shape your non-fiction words into readable, saleable works. Laughter permitted for emotional release.

Workshop 9: Letting the Whole World Know
Taught by N. J. Lindquist. Writing is only one aspect of a writer’s life. By becoming a “professional” writer, one enters the world of publishing, press kits, agents, interviews, reviewers, syndication, speaking appearances, critiquing, and judging others. Nancy shares what she has learned as a magazine editor, freelance writer, columnist, book author, publisher, editor and speaker.

Interested? Great! Just click to register - or call Louise Street Community Church at 306-374-4622 to let us know you are coming!

Hope to see you Saturday!

I bid you good writing.


Anonymous said...

I can totally say that 10 times fast! Prairie girl, eh?

I hope it's a marvelous weekend for everyone.

Koala Bear Writer said...

Wow, looks like a great event! Lots of great instructors. :)

Bonnie Grove said...

Yep, I'm a prairie girl. I'm originaly from Alberta. :)

Koala: It will be an amazing event. Drive on over! :)

Kathi Eaves said...

I have just come from the Write! Saskatoon conference and can honestly say I am awed. I sat through both the Fiction 101 and 201 workshops and am glad I did. As an aspiring beginner I have come away with a hearty appetite and a healthy fear. My desire to write has been spurred on and I've had my eyes opened to the work and the 'business' of writing.

Thank you one and all for this opportunity. Kathi