Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chatting about Talking to the Dead

Talking to the Dead is Blessings book of the month for July (woo hoo!!) - and there is a facebook page featuring book club like discussion for the book.

I check in on the board and am happy to chime in, answer questions, and just hang out. Hope you'll jump over and post a comment or two!

See you there!


Steena Holmes said...

Just finished reading this and I loved it! It was refreshing to read about psychosis from this perspective - the one dealing with it. I really enjoyed the book and have already lent it out to a friend who has refused to read anything 'remotely' religious - and she's enjoying it! Good job Bonnie!

Bonnie Grove said...

Thank you Steena! You worked so hard to get a copy - I'm glad it paid off for you - you enjoyed it!!

I'm thrilled you felt confident to share it with your friend. Bless you!