Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Time in Between

Vacation is a grand thing. A break from it all.

In the weeks since I handed my completed manuscript to my agent, I've had a bit of a relax (pronounced RE-lax). Taken time to unwind, let the story I have written seep from my veins (a difficult thing, really, since I lived in that world for two years and saying goodbye is slow and reluctant), and rest my poor brain.

I've been reading.

Heavens above there are wonderful books out there. So many great books. Anyone who tells you that all the novels being published these days are trash are either 1) reading the wrong books, or 2) a new writer at work on his/her first novel (the one that will 'show 'em all how it's done').

It's been a grand time.


Another story seeps into my veins. I can't hold it back, I don't even try.

So, in the time in between the finishing and the (dear God please) publishing, there is writing. Another story. Another storyworld that forms in the peripheral urging toward creation.

The time in between is the time to pick up the pen.


Jan Cline said...

I wish I was as prolific as you! So nice to have a work finished - it feels good doesnt it? I admire writers who have another story burning in their heart before the last one is done. You have a gift for story, obviously. We are all glad you are sharing it.

Lynn said...

Well there had BETTER be a publishing! I'm not the most patient of people...especially when it comes to having to wait for books I want to read!
So now a new torture begins...having to wait for one that's just roaming around inside your brain! Ah...sweet torture!

Bonnie Grove said...

Jan: It hasn't always worked that way for me, but I'm going with it now! Thanks for your kind comments!

Lynn: It's hard for me to wait too! We'll just hang in there together. :)

Lynn said...

You know I hadn't really thought about it but it does have to be hard on you, too! All these characters swimming around inside and you have to figure out the best way to get them out and then even when you're done there's still so much more to do! Okay...we'll hang in there together! Am game for the ride!

Danica said...

I'm a student and I just finished my semester. In the last few weeks I started gathering novels - books to read when I was done all my reading.

I'm just finishing the first one - Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer. It is so good.
Can't wait for your next novel!