Monday, February 25, 2008

Highlighting Donna Dawson

Welcome Donna Dawson to the blog. I "met" Donna (via e-mail) when I was working as the project manager for Hot Apple Cider She was one of those authors who always met deadlines early. On top of that, she's a very good writer. I know you'll enjoy this close-up with Donna and her new book Vengenance.

The book is Vengeance by Donna Dawson and it fits into the inspirational mystery/thriller genre. My website is and has a webpage listing book stores that carry my books. (see the page titled bookstores) I encourage people to visit those book stores to support small Christian businesses.

I love writing inspirational mystery because I can share my faith and the insights God has shown me in a setting that will catch the attention of those who might not otherwise listen to God's messages. I have written a non-fiction home school guide but I also write inspirational mystery romance.


Special Agent James Benedict needed rest. He needed a break from the stress and frustration of his job at the San Diego Federal Bureau of Investigation. And so he went on a cruise to Hawaii. What he didn't count on was fifteen days of horrific death aboard the ship's passengers but that's what he got. As, one by one, passengers begin to die quickly of a disease that eats their flesh, James finds himself scrambling to find the source of this illness. Little does he know that it will be tracked across continents and time lines. And little does he know that the love of his life, Dr. Julie Holding will become embroiled in his bizarre investigations. Can James stop the spread of this killer? Can he save the woman of his dreams? Can he believe that those who were supposed to be the guardians of his nation are really the ones to blame for this deadly plague? Follow the parallel paths of James and Julie as they each struggle to hold on to their faith in a world gone mad. As James fights against the desire for revenge and Julie works to free a small child from the trauma of abuse, they both must trust in the all-powerful love of their heavenly father. Together they must press on as soldiers in a spiritual war.

I wrote this novel to remind people to look to God in all things. It isn't our right to wreak revenge on those who wrong us--even when it is a difficult choice to make. The hero of the book, James Benedict, isn't perfect. He believes in Christ but he struggles with the corruptions of his day-to-day FBI job. He would love to take vengeance on behalf of the victims in society but he knows it is wrong--that it is God's job. In this novel, I try to show two sides of a very nasty coin. The villain of the story is bent on revenge for personal reasons. The hero struggles with taking matters into his own hands for the sake of the innocent. Both are faced with the choice of vengeance and both must struggle against their own weaknesses to make their choices.

The most significant moment for me came as I was writing the first chapter. There are things from my past that I would have loved to have revenge over and yet as I wrote about Cassandra and her case and how James shared the same struggles I once had, I felt a great release in knowing that someday, God will have his say--and he will wipe the tears from all of our eyes--and all will be good again as it was meant to be.

I believe my fiction matters because it addresses subjects that people don't want to look too closely at. Because they are written in a fiction format, they aren't so 'in your face' that the reader doesn't want to think about them. It is a subtle, gentle way of opening a reader's eyes to the hidden wrongs of the past so that the reader will be alert enough not to permit those wrongs to be repeated.

Vengeance will be released March 31, 2008. I have also written "Thriving in the Home School" (Donna Fawcett), "Redeemed" (Donna Dawson) and "The Adam & Eve Project" (Donna Dawson)
Upcoming books:
Hot Apple Cider--a collection of stories by 30 Canadian authors. (released May 2008)
Rescued--When a girl discovers she's pregnant and knows that to deliver will kill her, she makes the choice to undergo a new procedure that will not only save her life but the life of her unborn child. (released fall 2008)
The Fires of Fury--Katherine loses her unfaithful husband in a mysterious fire and she and OPP officer Jason Wolfe work together to solve the mystery--and fall in love in the process. (released Jan 2009)

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