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Highlighting M.D. Meyer

Welcome M.D. (Dorene) Meyer to the blog. I met Dorene through The Word Guild

We are both contributing authors to the anthology Hot Apple Cider an anthology from That's Life! Communications.

I know the saying "you can't judge a book by its cover", but I think the cover of this book makes you want to pick it up and buy it! This is a truly Canadian highlight as you'll see. My thanks to Dorene for this up-close look at her work, and art. Grab a tea and cozy in for a good read.

Deep Waters by M. D. Meyer
Genre: Adult fiction

Set in the fictional Ojibway community of Rabbit Lake, Deep Waters will transport you into Canada’s far north for a compelling story of enduring love and sustaining faith.

Why I write in this genre?
I believe that, through the vehicle of fiction, we can have a non-threatening, non-judgmental discussion about some of the more difficult issues in life. Of course, to do this, a good (totally awesome!) story must never be sacrificed. As authors it is our duty – and privilege – to provide a well-written, entertaining and in every other way, thoroughly enjoyable book for our readers.

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Synopsis of Story:

There is no them and us. There is only us.

In Deep Waters, award-winning novelist, Dorene Meyer takes you on a journey into a First Nations community. This fast-paced contemporary fiction challenges the myth perpetuated by the church that some sins are greater in God’s eyes than others.

“Just another drunk Indian.” Sarah, a young nursing student, hears the words and is troubled by them but remains silent. The patient is indeed drunk but that is not why she is unconscious and that is not why she dies.

Sarah thinks it is her birth mother who has died but it is actually her aunt. The story revolves around her true birth mother, Gracie, an alcoholic, and Sarah’s fiancĂ©e, Colin, who also struggles with alcohol addiction. Sarah finds forgiveness in her heart for both her mother and Colin as she understands the deeper issues that have caused their addiction.

Endorsement by Shirley Frisbee:

Dorene Meyer’s book may be fictional in the sense that it was not written about specific people, or did not take place in a real town or reservation, but it is real and true of the events that happen in the everyday lives of Native American people. It is evident that the author has lived in and around Native lands and people, and understands their lives and challenges.

The story has surprises, laughter and tears. It is stimulating and moves along at an even and consistent pace, making you wonder what will come next. I was sad when I finished the book, because I felt like I knew the characters. I yearned to step into the book and continue to find out what happened in the lives of the people, and to experience relationship with them.

The story demonstrates how precious and valuable it is to have a strong support system, and to have people in our lives who love us unconditionally. The friendship between the main characters in the story know no color, race or barriers. People with such differences kept hanging in there and being there for each other, and people with life-controlling issues fought their way to victory.

The love of Colin and Sarah goes to show how love waited for can grow into something beautiful that can last a lifetime. It is the kind of love God wants us all to have for each other, but it is rare and difficult to achieve. Although the book is not laden with a lot of references to Christianity, there is no doubt that it is the power of God behind the strength of the story’s characters to overcome their obstacles and hold them in relationship with each other.

I don’t usually read fiction, but this book was so good that it changed my mind about fiction. I would read all books written by this author.

Shirley M. Frisbee, M.A.T., B.S.
Eastern Band of Cherokee (Tsalagi)
Founder and President of Native Heart Community Development Association
Author of four wellbriety books in the Native Turning Point series, and A Holistic Guide for Developing Core Competencies: Working with Native Americans Struggling with Substance Abuse

Biography of M.D. Meyer:

Spent the first 4 years of my life in First Nations (Native American) community. After parents separated, my mother was foster and adoptive parent to numerous First Nations children. This is likely the reason why many (but not all) of the characters in my books are First Nations even though I am of European descent.
I write about the things that I care deeply about, but never sacrifice a “good read” for the sake of my passion. The books I write are meant to be read and enjoyed primarily – and only secondarily, perhaps, stimulate the reader to consider thoughts or ideas they would not otherwise encounter.

The award-winning author of Colin’s Choice, Get Lost! and Deep Waters. Also editor of four anthologies: Prairie Writers Volume 1, 2, 3 and The Voice Behind the Mask and author of numerous articles. Has been the editor of a newspaper, written a play on a work-for-hire basis and won a national writing contest with a poetry-prose entitled: “Writing with Passion and Integrity.”
Using this wide range of writing experiences, Ms. Meyer mentors, edits and teaches writing classes, giving practical help and encouragement to novice and aspiring authors. Dorene Meyer is a professional member of The Word Guild, the Manitoba Writers’ Guild and also sits on the board of the Manitoba Writer’s Guild.
Ms. Meyer has personal familiarity with Native American culture and with the topics about which she writes. Currently, Dorene Meyer is residing in Norway House, Manitoba.

Significant moment when writing book:
My father died while I was writing this book. Having grown up without my dad, there was a double grief when he passed away. I think somehow I had still harbored the dream that we would have a close relationship. Now I know that will only happen when we both see Jesus. Grieving for my father enabled me to enter into the emotions of Joshua, a central character in the book, as his father dies. Deep Waters is dedicated to the memory of my father, The Reverend Canon G. C. Daley.
The hurting is ended. The healing has begun.

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