Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Priming the Pump

I'm getting set to start highlighting Canadian fiction authors on this blog.
I've sent many personal invitations to writers I know, and the word is spreading.

I've already heard back from several author's who are excited about being highlighted here on Fiction Matters.

Now, it's your turn.

Tell me who you want to hear from? Which Canadian Author would you LOVE to see highlighted here on Fiction Matters?

Comment or e-mail me with the author's name and I'll do my Shirley Temple best to highlight that author.

Here are the questions I've asked each author to tell us about.

Title and genre of your fiction book

Why you write in this genre (what do you love about it?) and if you
write in other genres as well.

Links to your books site and where people can buy it.

A synopsis of your story.

Why you wrote the novel.

A significant moment for you as you were writing the book (either
personally or professionally)

Why your Fiction Matters.

A list of other books you have written or that will be coming out soon.

The responses so far have been wonderful. You will really love this up close look at the books in the author's own words. Each writer will share an exciting detail, a personal story, or insight into writing and living.

Check back tomorrow!

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