Thursday, September 10, 2009

Gifts From The Heart

Last month, I celebrated my *mumble mumble* birthday - and my husband conspired to get me an amazing gift.

It took a long time to pull it together (hence it being presented to me more than a month later), but it was so worth the wait. I wanted to share this amazing gift with you.

My husband conspired with my in-house editor at David C. Cook to create this amazing gift. Everyone who was involved in creating Talking to the Dead (from publisher to copy editor to marketing team to the amazing Amy who created the cover, to editors, to the print buyer, to project coordinators, you name it) all wrote a he
artwarming message.

Yes, I cried. Happy tears in public places.

I don't throw around the word "cherish". I cherish this gift. Hubby wins "Husband of the Year" award, and I have the best reason yet to adore being partnered with David C. Cook (aka best publisher EVER!)
I bid you good writing!


Nikole Hahn said...

Wonderful and touching gift! Alot of thought was put into it. Happy mumble mumble birthday!

Kristen Torres-Toro said...

Wow, that is an amazing gift! You deserve it! And happy late birthday!

dankasworld said...

Straight to the heart eh? Sweet - and Happy Birthday!

Bonnie Grove said...

Thanks ladies.
Yep, I married a gem - my soul mate and best friend.

And thanks for the birthday wishes. I'm not getting older I'm getting. . . well, okay. I AM getting older. :)

Nichole Osborn said...

Oh Bonnie, that is a wonderful gift! I wish your "gem" could rub shoulders with my "diamond in the rough"! Hehe! ;0)

Janet Ursel said...

I'm still trying to figure out what a *mumble-mumble* birthday is...

A birthday party at which everybody mumbles? (Gee, so sorry I couldn't make it.)

Your *mumble-mumble* had a birthday? Is that a term of endearment for your mother? I think I can explain why she looks at you crossways whenever you go to visit...

Or does it - horrors! - mean that you have actually been living a lie, and that picture of you isn't real, and the stories of school-age children are but faint memories, and you are actually so old that your dentures fall out whenever you get excited or distressed - like when discussing birthdays - and you can't even speak clearly anymore? There, there, dear, everything will be all right. It will all be over soon.

My birthday's coming up and I have no intention of mumbling. People have very distressing ways of filling in the blanks.

Bonnie said...

Nichole: Oh, what a phrase! Nice. Yep, hubs is the bet, I freely admit!

Janet: You are too funny, girl. You win a contest and go and get all spunky on me. :)
Congrats, by the way, on being one of the six writers whose work will be read by Wendy. She's my agent and I adore working with her. Fingers crossed for the next step!

Janet Ursel said...

OK, maybe it's the first time I've gone spunky on you. Trust me, it's normal behaviour around here. People are lulled into complacency by my seeming sweetness and then, wham! Strangely enough, I actually have a few friends.

I'm very much looking forward to Wendy's feedback. I know fantasy (even if mine is a bit outside the norms) is not her normal comfort zone, so I'm not working myself up into paroxysms of optimism. But feedback is always cool.

And thanks again.

And yes, that was an incredibly cool gift. Your hubby should give seminars to men on how to choose extraordinary gifts.

Aggie Villanueva said...

I was just stopping by and it was so nice to read the praise of a man, instead of, ahem, what we more often hear. God bless you both.