Monday, June 10, 2013

Seeking Test Audience for My Latest Novel

Love to read? How would you like to participate in a "test audience" for my latest novel? I'm looking for a group of readers willing to read my unpublished novel within a time frame of a few weeks, and then provide specific feedback.

Sound good?

You cannot be selected for the test group if you are:
-related to me.
-a close friend.
-a person afraid of "hurting my feelings" or otherwise timid sharing your candid opinion with me.
-certain you will LOVE it and there isn't a single thing wrong with the book because how could there be?
-a person who does not read contemporary fiction.
-someone with a lingering personal vendetta against me.

Things to keep in mind before offering to be part of the test group:
-This is NOT Christian fiction.
-The book is contemporary.
-There is a time limit for reading and responding to the short survey.
-I will ask you for a short list of contemporary fiction you have read recently.
-Publishing industry professionals may participate in the test group. Opinions, ideas, and critiques will only be used by the author (me) and not shared with anyone at any time. No one (me) will solicit you to publish, represent, or endorse the book.
-You will be asked not to share the manuscript with anyone else (not even your Mom, or your best friend, or your Mom's best friend).
-you will be asked specific questions about the book (and, of course, you can share any other insights, feedback, or ideas you wish to share.)

Still sound good?

Leave a comment with an address you can be reached at and I will contact you with the details with my thanks.


V. Gingerich said...
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Bonnie Grove said...

Thanks! You're added to the list!

Nikole Hahn said...

I would love to.

Sara Davison said...

I would be happy to read your book and offer my honest opinion if you are still looking for people Bonnie.